World IPv6 Launch

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World IPv6 Launch 6 June 2012

The future is forever.


Start RIPE IPv6
tutorial Room B0.203
SIG IPv6 workshop Room B0.207 Deployment
Experience Room B0.209
Research Room A1.04 Technical Room C1.112 Interop Lab
All day, room B0.201
10h00 IPv6 Tutorial PDF SIG workshop
Software-risico's met IPv6
IPv6 bij Alkmaar & GEN6
Gem. Alkmaar/TNO
Michiel Ettema, Arjen Holtzer
IPv6 Host-Density Ratio
Pieter-Tjerk de Boer
Univ. Twente
Iljitsch van Beinum
10h30 IPv6 roll out experience
Timo Hilbrink
IPv6 on EuroGrid
Steven Newhouse
IPv6 to 4 Gateway
Michael Aldridge
11h00 IPv6 email integration
Dreas van Donselaar
Stefan Plug
IPv6 Transitie
Dennis Kuis
11h30 IPv6 en Overheid
Forum Standardisatie
Maarten van der Veen
Measuring World IPv6 Launch
Emile Aben
First Hop Security
Nicole Wajer
12h00 Lunchbreak
12h15 Lightning talks (room B0.203)

Dick Visser (TERENA): Turning off IPv4
Rick van Rein (OpenFortress): ENUM will set you free PDF

12h45 IPv6 Launch Ceremony on the outside square
(see: video YouTube, places found and prizewinner)
Plenary session (Room C1.110)
13h00 Opening Olaf Kolkman
NLnet Labs
13h15 Internet Futures Daniel Karrenberg
13h45 Acceptance of IPv6 in the Dutch hosting community PDF Michiel Steltman
14h15 IPv6 deployment and transition in Service Provider Network Suman Choudhary
14h45 Closing, invitation to next breakout Olaf Kolkman
NLnet Labs
14h50 Coffee break
15h15 Panel session (room C0.110)
Moderated by Sander Klous (KPMG)
Reports from Interop Lab
and SIG workshop
(room C1.112)
16h15 Prize ceremony of contest
Chaired by Cees de Laat (UvA)
16h45 Sponsored drinks & snacks
Beer & Gear

Panel session chair: Sander Klous (KPMG)

Panellists: Jos Vrancken (TUD); Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE NCC); Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs)

IPv6 Challenge

The organizing committee of the IPv6 Day event at the Science Park Amsterdam challenges everyone (not only students!) to come up with novel demonstrations of the use of IPv6.

  1. First prize: Samsung Galaxy S3
  2. Second prize: Asus Transformer Pad
  3. Third prize: Netgear ReadyNAS Duo

First prize won by Stefan Plug Second prize won by Juerd Waalboer Third prize won by Rick van Rein

The first prize is won by Stefan Plug, who implemented RFC 5549.

The second prize is won by Juerd Waalboer, featuring

The third prize is won by Rick van Rein, for his work on SIP over IPv6.

Your demonstration can include servers, clients, monitoring, novel applications, novel tooling, visualization, IPv6 for real dummies, whatever you can come up with. Your contribution must be demonstrated on the infrastructure at the SNE laboratory on IPv6 day.

An independent jury will go over the challenge contributions and visit them during the morning of IPv6 Day. The jury consists of Olaf Kolkman (NLnet Labs), Roland van Rijswijk (SURFnet) and Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE NCC), and chair Cees de Laat (UvA).

The winners will be announced at the social event in the afternoon, where they will pitch their idea and implementation. The prizes for the competition have kindly been donated by Budget Phone Company.

Submissions for the challenge must be submitted by e-mail.

Some rules:



If you want to join us at June 6th, please register so we can arrange for your presence. Registration is free and takes less than one minute!


The internet is outgrowing its legacy numbering. The global pool of available IPv4 address space is almost depleted. And now, it is time for action.

Back in June 2011, thousands of leading internet companies and private and public organisations—such as Facebook, Google, Disney, etc—enabled the IPv6 protocol for a test period of 24 hours in what was the biggest live test ever to take place on the internet.

A 24-hour observation lab in Amsterdam as well as observation posts around the world showed that there were no issues during the test flight; the internet continued to operate as before.

That meant that we're now ready for the future to finally start. On June 6th 2012 even more major internet destinations, including websites as diverse as NASA and Microsoft Bing, as well as ISPs, such as XS4ALL, ComCast and Deutsche Telekom, will take the next step and will collectively enable IPv6—permanently.

You can also be part of this unique event in global internet history and make your website and services available on IPv6 from June 6th onwards.

We will celebrate this historical milestone by organising a special event at Science Park Amsterdam with talks, tutorials, competitions, hands-on labs, and debates on cutting edge internet developments.

That means we are now ready for the future to finally start. On June 6th 2012 even more major internet destinations (including websites as diverse as NASA and Microsoft Bing) as well as ISPs (such as XS4ALL, ComCast and Deutsche Telekom) will take it the logical next step and collectively enable IPv6 — permanently. You could be part of that and make your service available on IPv6 from June 6th onwards as well. (and let the world know)

We will celebrate this historical milestone for the internet by organising a very special event at Science Park Amsterdam with lots of talks, tutorials and debates around cutting edge internet developments.


University of Amsterdam

Science Park 904
1098 XH

Directions, Google Maps


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